Create space for comfortable calls

Affordable Phone Booths for your office, designed to reduce surrounding noises and fit every space

The right solution for Coworks, SMEs and Tech Startups.

Made in Portugal, and we plant 100 trees per booth produced 🌳
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Designed to fit every space

We like offices, especially beautifully designed ones.

Our Phone Booths are designed to fit naturally and contribute to your workspace good look.

We do have personalization options because every workspace should be unique.


We care about noise so you don't have to


You don't want to feel tired after a call, you don't have to be worried if you're talking too loud


We use PET Felt and Rock Wool - two sustainable and eco-friendly materials that help to absorb the right-frequencies and to control the noise inside the phone booth

Boost productivity at your workspace

“Zoom Calls increased 3.000%” (Dec 2019 to April 2020) - The Verge

“Sounds, particularly those made by other humans, rank as the No. 1 distraction in the workplace” - NPR

Lack of privacy is the biggest challenge of coworking spaces -

“Between 25 and 30% of employees in open-plan offices were dissatisfied with the level of noise in their workplace.” - Forbes gif maker (3)

Our solutions

  • Pb1

    Phone Booth for One

    Our solution for quick calls. It's smaller but accommodates a desk and a high stool.

  • Fb1

    Focus Booth for One

    Our solution for a focus working session, with comfort. It accommodates a desk and a chair.

  • Mb2

    Meeting booth for two

    Our solution for two people meetings or working sessions. 

    It accommodates a desk and two comfortable chairs.

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What our happy costumers say

"It was a true pleasure working with Rodrigo and his team. They are professional, friendly and look after all the details when it comes to customer service. Highly recommend working with them!"

Bill Rutten, Global Director of Cowork @ Selina

"Offcoustic is addressing a global challenge of the modern workspaces with high-end, yet affordable products! We are thrilled to stand by side with this promising startup to bring as many phone booths to the market as possible."

Rui Santos, Head of Enterprise Solutions @ CTT

"Excellent. The Phone Booths were used all this morning, so I could only join one now. Congratulations, our new Phone Booths are incredible."

José Bastos, Co-Founder & CEO at knok healthcare

They set up and they left, quietly. Now, those endless calls that scare community managers in Coworking spaces are a history of the past. And we no longer hear the private and fabulous lives of our coworkers either. Thank you, Offcoustic. Hear that?"

Fernando Mendes, Co-Founder @ NOW_Beato