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Creating Space for Comfortable Calls

I’ve worked for 4 years at a tech startup in Lisbon, in Business Development and Partnerships directly with the CEO. Meaning I had several meetings, video calls, and phone calls.

Our open-space office only had two meeting rooms for 30 people. Individual calls started to rise. I had some calls at my place. I had some calls at the staircase. And sometimes I would use a 10-person meeting room, for a Skype call.

We did not have enough space for comfortable calls.

We searched for solutions, but we only found expensive and over-featured phone booths. We also discovered we were not the only ones with these noise problems.

Therefore, we built a multidisciplinary team in business, architecture, design, and industrial production, and decided to create a solution with everything we needed at a fair price. Produced in Portugal by highly qualified and talented Portuguese carpenters and planting 100 trees per booth produced.

Our customers use our booths daily, and their teams no longer have noise, distractions, and privacy issues. They have comfortable calls at a fair price.

Our mission is to create workspaces where people are not easily distracted by outside noise and are able to focus on their work, to achieve their best performance. One Phone Booth at a time. ✌️

Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge

The team behind Offcoustic

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