Why are Phone Booths so expensive?

published on 09 November 2021

Background noise and lack of privacy are common problems in open-space offices.

That’s why creating specific spaces for phone and video calls is a trendy solution, already adopted by many companies from Microsoft to Santander.

But why are Phone Booths so expensive? That was our question before creating offcoustic. 

We asked ourselves the same question.

In late 2018, we wanted to buy a phone booth for the company we were working at.

We searched for “Phone Booths”, “Office Pods” and “Cabines Telefónicas” in Portuguese, and we only found products that cost around 6K and 8K. For an individual Phone Booth.

We questioned ourselves – Why can't we find more affordable options?

That was the trigger and the starting point of Offcoustic.

What we found from our research

1. It’s more complex than we first thought.

It looks easy and simple from the outside, but there is a lot of architecture, design and engineering to create a phone booth.

To achieve optimal acoustic performance, we use different acoustic materials, assembled in many ways, so that you can absorb different sound frequencies while keeping a natural feeling inside, and not the feeling that you are in a room with a weird acoustic.

All this technology is hidden and covered with the simple light grey regular cotton fabric. Most phone booths also include a ventilation system, lighting, and a power outlet so that you don’t run out of battery during your video calls, and you feel comfortable and productive. 

2. Production is not at scale.

Ikea and Walmart can price their products so low because they produce at scale.

However, phone booths don’t have that scale yet.

Despite the demand for these products been rising in the last couple of years, there isn’t a factory producing 100.000 phone booths per month yet, which means one phone booth costs more to produce. 

We tried to do better

Even though a phone booth is expensive to produce, Offcoustic was born to provide you an affordable phone booth with everything you need to make comfortable calls.

We currently have one of the most competitive offers in the market and the question is - what are we doing differently? 

We designed a minimalist booth.

The solutions we found at the beginning of our journey had too many features and details that didn’t translate into focus and productivity.

We decided to design a more simplistic booth with everything you need but eliminating the unnecessary features, which reduced its final price.

We reduced transportation costs.

Producing in Asia and moving materials around the world increase the final price.

We decided to it differently - We produce locally, and ship directly to customers.

It helps to reduce the final price, and we also reduce CO2 emissions.

We care about materials and production processes.

All the materials we use are the right ones for the job, and we choose a sustainable option whenever we can.

In addition, we produce our phone booths in Portuguese factories of highly qualified carpenters that prove to have good working conditions for their employees. We believe that such concerns add value to our product. 

We eliminate excess production.

We adapt and produce on-demand. There is no excess production, and we avoid wasting materials.

We will increase our production when demand increases too. Not the other way around. 

Our price includes delivery and set up costs.

It’s not fun to assemble a phone booth. That’s why we will take care of the transportation and assembly.

These costs are already included in the price, meaning that you don’t need to worry about anything else. 

We listen to your feedback.

We don’t know everything, and if you have any advice on how to improve our booths in order to create more value for you, we are always open to hear and grow from your feedback.

It's an investment

Phone booths are expensive, but they are also an investment in your office and in your productivity. They will allow you to focus on your calls and boost your results. 

It's time to invest in your office. Let's schedule a brief conversation to understand your needs and send you a custom quote.

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