If you’re an office manager, you probably know what is a Phone Booth. It’s the enclosed area that creates a space for comfortable calls, in the modern office.

It’s a trendy solution rising in most open-space offices, where you don’t have the space you need for your video and phone calls.

Let us explain why Phone Booths are so important:

“Sounds, particularly those made by other humans, rank as the No. 1 distraction in the workplace”
NPR – What’s more distracting than a noisy coworker? Turns out, not much

Background noise and Lack of Privacy

Background noise and lack of privacy are the two biggest challenges of coworking spaces and open-space offices.

Audio and Video Calls, have an important role in these problems.

When you’re having a call, you need a private space so you can feel comfortable to speak out loud, and communicate in a natural way. You also need to hear perfectly the person on the other side.

When you’re working, you need to focus and eliminate distractions.

Meeting Rooms and Phone Booths are the two main elements you can use to build the right workspace, for the post-pandemic reality.

Why Phone Booths

The goal is to find the right balance of social space, working space, and space for meetings and calls.

That’s why we’re building affordable phone booths. We felt this problem ourselves in the past, and we decide to build our own solution, focus on the customer experience with the right pricing.

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