Our way to sustainability

updated on 28 December 2021

We are making an effort everyday to become more sustainable

We know how important it is to take care of our planet and that is why sustainability is at the core of offcoustic. We can’t build our phone booths nor with banana peels nor with 100% recycled materials, but we are doing a great effort to be a bit more sustainable every day. We focus our efforts on four main pillars:

1. We pay close attention to the materials we use.

Most of the materials we use have a neutral or low impact on the environment. The sound isolation is created using PET Felt, Rock Wool and regular cotton fabric. PET Felt is produced in China, but it’s made from recyclable plastic, and Rock Wool is made from natural components having a reuse rate of about 80%.

The structure of the booth is built from Melamine, which even though has glue in its composition, uses resin remains that are pressed, being one of the most common materials used for the construction of office equipment.

We use tempered glass for the door of the booth and a bit of plastic on the ceiling for your safety, so that if an accident takes place and the ceiling breaks, no one gets hurt. The plastic we use is called polycarbonate and it is 100% recyclable.

2. We reduce our CO2 transportation emissions.

We look inside our country before looking elsewhere, regarding both the materials used and the construction of our phone booths. All the materials, apart from the PET felt, are produced in Portugal, and our highly qualified Portuguese carpenters bring our product to life in a process that joins machinery and craftsmanship. With this mindset, we are supporting the Portuguese economy and reducing CO2 emissions that would result from transportation.

3. We do not produce on scale, but on demand. 

There is no excess production and wasted materials. We are open to change and produce in scale, but only if we increase efficiency, and our demand justifies it while keeping it as sustainable as always.

4. The art of giving back starts with planting 1 tree, 100 in fact.

We know that planting 100 trees per phone booth sold does not save the world, but, at least, offsets our carbon footprint. We believe it’s a step forward and a way of giving back to the environment. Therefore, we partner with Brynk.eco, a London-based startup that plants trees to fight against climate change, environmental degradation and pollution.

Check the impact we made so far

  • Our trees will sequester 1.500 tons of CO2, during their lifetime
  • We offset the equivalent of the footprint of 327 houses per year
  • Planting our trees has created 264 hours of work for local communities

Check where we produce our booths

If you have suggestions of more sustainable materials or more sustainable processes, please send us an email!

We would appreciate your knowledge and we would be happy to have a chat with you.